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Best paying income digital skills to learn in 2022

With the constant evolution of the world, the advancement in technology places a demand on knowledge and application of digital skills.

For young people all over the world, there is a struggle to balance the application of a degree and the application of skills learnt as they progress in life.

While a degree can give you an edge in the marketplace, the advancing of the world creates a system for one to not rely on just the degree in the marketplace. This means that there are skills that are useful in this present day and age, and with how in-demand they are, are also an avenue to make money!

Here are some in-demand high income digital skills you can learn in 2022:

learn digital coding

Coding: This would not be a new thing to hear for most people. The recent rave of “tech bros” is nothing under the rock. Coding is a valuable skill that has even more wide range of uses. We use it for websites, apps, and other technologies we interact with. It can be used in almost every aspect of modern life, as every digital device uses computer languages to run.

This means that coding is such a necessary skill in this modern world, and companies will need more and more computer programmers, while being ready to pay as much as they can.

The best part of it is that this skill can be learnt without getting a degree in it, from the comfort of your home.

Seo learning

SEO: The next skill we will be talking about is what is called Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving the traffic to a website/web page from search engines. What this does it that through search engines(for example, Google), SEO helps your website, through certain implementations, to be high up enough to be seen. This skill is high in-demand as every company/organization that seeks to have enough coverage look for people who are well adept at SEO to help.

video editing

Video Editing: For freelancers, and those into digital marketing, this is skill that comes in very handy. Video editing encompasses the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. With the advancement in technology, there are now more and easier editing software to aid people in this skill.

Video Editing as a skill gives you an entrance into various fields, to work and also gain information.

Digital skills

Digital Marketing: With the world going more and more digital, the popular method of marketing is less traditional, and more digital. This means that this is a skill that is growing in demand, as the world is ever recognizing its value.

Taking its root in advertising, digital ad continues to grow and accounts for over 50% of ad spend. Learning digital marketing goes beyond just social media, but plunging into learning advertising across all platforms.


At LevelUpNG, we are committed to providing help to you, organizing seminars and webinars needed for learning of digital skills. With us, you will not only know the needed skills to learn, but you will also be guided into the how to learn them.

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